Seven Habits Of Effectiveness

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Maturity Continuum

Covey created a graphic representation of what this continuum looks like. This webpage has a picture of this graphic and an explanation. In essence Covey says that when these seven habits are mastered one reaches the highest level of maturity which is interdependence. This word means that success and public victories can only be achieved as one works depending on others and when others can depend on us.

As the Law of the Harvest says, one must go through the order of the continuum before one can achieve public victory. Dependence precedes independence. Indpendence leads to private victories. Independence precedes interdependence. Interdependence leads to public victories. Any public failure means that the continuum was not followed. One failed to keep one of the Seven Habits.

This continuum is an ever going process as one should never stop to grow. Stopping to grow means that we start dying and we start depending on others. But, when we find an area to grow in our lives, following the continuum will lead to interdependence and public victories in many areas of our life.


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